As from the 1st July 2014 all companies involved with the manufacture of structural steel products will require formal Certification to EN 1090.

Weld-Qual Services can arrange for you to have RWC external cover to satisfy EN 1090 requirements for all Execution Classes up to and including EXC 4.

What is EN 1090?

EN 1090 is a series of agreed European Standards for organisations involved in the supply of and manufacture of structural components and steelwork. In summary the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requires that all products carry a legitimate CE Marking when the products are placed on the market; the EN 1090 is the structural steel element of the CPR.

What are the Benefits for the Manufacturer of Achieving the EN 1090 Certification?

• Accredited certification from a Notified Body.

• Recognition as a “competent” provider of welded structural steel products.

• Could give a commercial advantage over other steel fabrication organisations.

What does a fabricator need to meet the requirements of the EN 1090 Standard?

ISO 3834 – Dependent on execution class

FPC – Factory Production Control

RWC – Responsible Welding Coordinator

WPQR – Welding Procedure Qualification Record(s)

WQ – Welder Qualification test(s)

WPS – Welding Procedure Specification(s)

Welding Plan – Welding control document

Audit – by a nominated Notified Body

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